The Politainer is a flexible plastic packaging made of LDPE. Produced in Germany, the Politainer benefits from over 60 years of vacuum molding experience. In combination with a sturdy outer carton, this combination packaging is also suitable for the transportation of
hazardous goods.

The cubic Politainer is produced in sizes from 1 Liter to 30 Liters. In addition, there are various rectangular shapes and sizes available upon request.

Due to its unique manufacturing process, the Politainer also meets the increased requirements of the diagnostics industry.


For oxygen-sensitive filling goods, a film of EVOH/PA is available for applications that require barrier protection.

Depending on the container size, there are options for different filling openings with diameters of 31/38/50 and 63mm and with metric or US inch threads.


Versions with handles are available for the 5, 10, 15 and 20 Liter sizes. Handles make handling easier. We have adapted our containers with air cushion handles to make carrying them as comfortable as possible.

As accessories, we offer a wide range of taps, screw caps with and without tamper-evidence feature and various coupling systems.

The Politainer is a versatile combination packaging that saves resources. A thermoformed film(monolayer) – packed in a sturdy outer carton – uses between 50 and 75% less plastics than rigid containers. Only one eight of the volume of rigid containers is required for storage and transportation of the empty Politainer. Because of this light weighting, storage and freight costs are considerably lower and the volume of wastage is significantly reduced.


The Green Politainer also saves natural resources because 81% of its raw material is made from renewable raw materials (sugar cane).

Are you looking for a packaging solution that can be connected to a system without an air supply? Without the risk of contamination? Without possible skin contact? Packaging that collapses fully when emptied without any air ingress? Look no further! Our closed system – various coupling systems in combination with the Politainers – is sure to inspire you.


We also offer colored Politainers by adding color pigments to protect sensitive products against UV radiation.