The Multitainer is a flexible plastic packaging with an integrated handle and spout. It has been manufactured in Germany for several decades using the vacuum molding process. In combination with a sturdy outer carton, this combination packaging is also suitable for the transportation of hazardous goods.

The Multitainer is available in 5 and 10 Liter sizes.

Equipped with a filling opening of 31mm, all accessories such as taps, screw caps with and without tamper-evidence and various coupling systems are available. 

The handle enables effortless carrying and handling.

The spout enables targeted, clean and gurgle-free emptying.

The outer carton offers sufficient space for custom designs, marketing and information.

The Multitainer – the combination packaging, that saves resorces. A thermoformed film (monolayer) – packed in a sturdy outer carton – uses between 50 und 75% less plastic than rigid containers. Only a fracture of the volume of rigid canisters is required for storage and transportation of the empty container. Because of the light weightingstorage and freight costs are considerably lower and the volume of wastage is significantly reduced.