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For more than 60 years, we have been producing a unique resource-saving packaging solution at our site in Ettlingen using vacuum molding technology, reducing plastic consumption by up to 75% compared to conventional rigid containers.


The Politainer is a flexible plastic packaging made of LDPE in sizes from 1 l to 30 l. In conjunction with a sturdy outer box, the combination packaging is also suitable for the transport of dangerous goods.

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The Multitainer is a combination packaging with an integrated handle and spout, UN-approved for the transport of dangerous goods, available in sizes 5 l and 10 l.

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We offer you an extensive range for the most comfortable handling of our Politainers.

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customer-specific solutions

Together with you, we will create individual packaging in completely new dimensions for your very specific application.

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60 years of experience in the vacuum molding process and knowledge of the market enables us to offer you innovative and cost-effective packaging solutions.


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